Report: mass murder in the synagogue has inspired other attacks on Jewish organizations

The anti-defamation League reported that the number of antisemitic incidents in the United States remains near record levels.

Доклад: массовое убийство в синагоге вдохновило другие атаки на еврейские организации

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At least 12 supporters of the idea of white supremacist was arrested on suspicion of planning, threats to commit or actual Commission of anti-Semitic attacks after the massacre in the synagogue in Pittsburgh about a year ago. This writes the “Voice of America” with reference to the Jewish human rights organization.

After gunmen killed 11 Christians in the synagogue’s “Tree of life” October 27, 2018, the anti-defamation League (ADL) also counted at least 50 cases where white nationalists were accused of damage to property of Jewish organizations. These incidents include 12 cases of vandalism with the application of symbolism of the supporters of white supremacist and 35 cases of distribution of propaganda white nationalists.

The ADL said that the number of anti-Semitic incidents across the country remains near record levels. In the first half of 2019, the ADL counted 780 anti-Semitic incidents, which is only 5 less than in the same period last year.

Twelve of the above mentioned arrests include the arrest in April of 2019 John Ernest, who is accused in the fact that he killed one person and wounded three during a shooting in the synagogue in Powai, California.

The organization reported that many of the incidents, including the shooting in Pewee was inspired by previous attacks of the supporters of the idea of white supremacy. In his message, posted online, Ernest stated that he was inspired bloody attacks in Pittsburgh and the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, where in March of this year was killed 51 people.

ADL also counted three more in 2019, when the people were arrested for attacks on Jews, but they were not recognized as white nationalist. Two of them were under the influence of Islamist extremist ideology, said the organization.

The ADL announced that its Center for combating extremism has provided “important information” to law enforcement in at least three of the 12 cases considered by the organization.

In December last year, the city of Monroe, Washington, have arrested a white nationalist after ADL has notified law enforcement authorities about suspicions that he had posted Facebook threats to kill Jews in the synagogue. ADL reported that it also helped the authorities in Laitane, Pennsylvania, to establish the identity of the white nationalist, who was accused that he posted threatening messages under pseudonyms. One of these messages included a collage, which an attacker sends a rifle AR-15 at a group of praying Jews.

In August an anti-terrorist group, the FBI arrested a man from Las Vegas that is accused of that he wanted to throw a firebomb into a synagogue or other organization, including a bar serving LGBT clients, and the office of the ADL in Las Vegas. The ADL said that he had warned law enforcement about the threats this man on the Internet.

The ADL counted at least 30 additional incidents when media is “unknown ideology” committed arson or vandalism against Jewish institutions, or spread propaganda, which the organization considered anti-Semitic or “generally hateful”, but that was not a clear reflection of the ideas of white supremacy.