Reports say that Trump has ceased to report negative information about Russia to ‘not to annoy him’

The President of the United States Donald trump is becoming less and less received information about threatening behavior of Russia towards the United States because he “was angry every time he talked about it,” wrote Business Insider and CNN, citing sources in the U.S. government.

СМИ утверждают, что Трампу перестали докладывать негатив о России, чтобы 'не злить его'

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At the beginning of the presidency, trump officials have learned to limit their oral briefings on the subject and is often seen that their written submissions were ignored by the President, said former administration officials, who requested anonymity.

“The President has created an environment that discourages, if not forbids the mention of any intelligence data that put Russia in an unfavorable light,” said a former senior employee of one of the agencies responsible for national security.

John Ratcliffe, the Director of national intelligence, and Robert O’brien, national security adviser, denied this information.

These statements, however, confirmed the relevance of the recent material The News York Times, which stated that the Taliban received “bonuses” from Russia for the assassination of the American military. Three separate sources from the Taliban confirmed these statements to Business Insider.

The Associated Press reported that intelligence officials received information about these deals between Russia and the Taliban in 2019 and then informed the President.

A CNN report about the President’s attitude towards intelligence briefings on Russia puts the problem in a new light.

Referring to the many former administration officials, CNN reported that in the beginning of his presidency a trump was often “furious” because of the briefings, which he tried to talk about hostile to US activities in Russia including political interference.

Soon the members of the intelligence community “learned not to mention Russia” in the briefings for the President, the article says.

In many cases, oral briefings in Russia generally avoided and provided this data to the President in writing. But it is often not read.

This puts officials in a difficult position search options of how to prioritize the reports to the President of the most important information. A former senior intelligence official said that their policy was eventually reduced to the principle of “retain data until they are needed.”

This led to the fact that the former senior official of the national security Council called “self-fulfilling prophecy”: the less the trump heard about the Russian activities, the less he believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin may harm the United States.

Ratcliffe said it was “an absolute lie”. O’brien said: intelligence was “ridiculous”, not reliable enough to transmit them to the President.

The CNN report also follows the well-known respect for trump to Putin. As stated by one former US Ambassador in Russia, Marina “always on the side of Putin.”

Also the New York Times has published a new article about the “conspiracy” Russia and the Taliban, which calls the main “mediator” between two parties. According to the article, a drug smuggler Rahmat Azizi. Such data journalists provided American and Afghan officials.

The article States that he spent several years transferred money from the Russian military intelligence to the Taliban for the killings of the us military.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Us intelligence officials have concluded that Russian military intelligence secretly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for the destruction of coalition forces in Afghanistan (including U.S. military) during the peace talks aimed at putting an end to the protracted war there.


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