Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has become the victim of a prank the pranker Lexus and Vova (PHOTO)

Сенатор-республиканец Линдси Грэм стал жертвой розыгрыша пранкеров Лексуса и Вована (ФОТО)

The apparatus of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican from South Carolina) confirmed that he was the victim of a prank by the Russian pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexei Stolyarova (Lexus). This was reported by American broadcaster NBC.

“We successfully recorded many attempts to cast Senator Graham and his office, but the draw was leaked through the hole. They [the media] got it,” acknowledged the official representative of the legislator Kevin Bishop.

The entry of the August telephone conversation between the Senator and the former President published on Thursday, the newspaper Politico. It is interested in the content of the conversation in light of the approach of Graham, who strongly advocated the imposition of sanctions against Turkey for a military operation in the North-East of Syria, is directed mainly against the Kurdish forces. During the conversation, Senator, considering that the Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar, expressed very different views, calling major problem with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

“I told the President Trump that Obama made a serious mistake by relying on PKK. All I was concerned came true, and now we have to protect Turkey from the threats in Syria,” – said the Senator.

According to the publication, Graham also urged “the Minister of defence of Turkey” to refrain from the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400. A few days later, the Russian media were able to arrange with the Senator a second conversation in which he said that he gave the words “the Minister of defense of Turkey,” U.S. President Donald Trump. “We want to improve relations with Turkey. This is what he [trump] wants,” said the Republican, again strongly suggesting not to buy s-400 from Russia.

On July 17 the press Secretary of the White house in a written statement said that Turkey’s decision to buy Russian s-400 makes it impossible for her continued participation in the program is the creation of American fighter-bombers F-35. Ankara is planning to buy 100 planes and made a part of the equipment, avionics and elements of the fuselage for this machine.

On Wednesday, Ankara announced the launch of the in the North Syria, the new military operation called “Source of peace”, which began with air strikes by the air force of the Republic on the positions of Kurdish groups. The purpose of the operation – establish a buffer zone where, according to the plan of Ankara, will be able to return from Turkey to the Syrian refugees. State news Agency SANA called the operation aggression, the international community has condemned the actions of Ankara, which undermine the stability of the region, increase the suffering of civilians and threaten to spark a new wave of refugees, and threaten the progress made by the coalition to combat ISIS*.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization