Required to jump to the toilet and stripped for all: woman without legs humiliated on Board American Airlines

In the lawsuit, filed by a resident of Idaho against American Airlines, alleging that flight attendants of the airline to offer a blind woman with no legs to “jump” down the aisle to the toilet, writes The Daily Mail. In addition, flight attendants tried to undress the woman at the other passengers and forced to use the toilet with the door open.

Требовали прыгать до туалета и раздевали при всех: женщину без ноги унизили на борту American Airlines

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Tammy Spears has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines and booking service CheapOAir in Federal court in Utah, seeking compensation for moral damages.

The lawsuit alleges that the four-hour flight from salt lake city to Charlotte, North Carolina, was not equipped with a special seat for movement in the aisle, which she could use to get to the toilet.

Representatives of the airline made a statement in connection with the incident.

“We take very seriously the safety and comfort of our customers, and we strive to provide a positive experience for everyone who travels with us. We many times spoke with Ms. Spears and her family, and we will consider prosecution in the trial process, stated in American Airlines.

According to the lawsuit, Spears traveled in Idaho, where he lives, to visit relatives in Richmond, Virginia, in August of 2019.

Spears blind, and her left leg was amputated in 2018 for undisclosed reasons related to health, said in a lawsuit. She had prosthesis during the flight, and she used a wheelchair for mobility.

The lawsuit alleges that American Airlines advised her to fly from salt lake city due to the inclusion of the airport, and that the Spears family told the airline at least four days before the flight that it would require access to a special chair for movement down the aisle during the flight.

However, once the plane was in the sky and Spears asked me to help her get to the toilet, flight attendants told her that specrel on Board.

Flight attendants offered the Spears to “jump” on the right foot to the toilet. But the woman was tired and jump could not, said in the lawsuit.

“They came up with the idea to raise the entire right row passengers in business class and force them to leave at the end of the salon so I could get to the toilet, moving from chair to chair,” said Spears KMTV.

“I tried to explain to her that you can’t move around the chairs, I have no legs. Then they asked me to crawl on the floor, which I did. I went through the entire first class on the aisle. People stared and looked at me,” she recalls.

The lawsuit alleges that the trial of Spears did not end there, as she was too exhausted to climb when she reached the toilet. The flight attendants began to undress her right in front of the passengers in business class. Then the staff insisted to use the bathroom with the door open, for unspecified reasons.

The complaint States that Spears “was too humiliated and exhausted, and her need was too strong to resist.”

After Spears had finished using the restroom, she informed the flight attendant that was too tired to get back to his place.

The lawsuit States that flight attendants “have developed a different scheme” to Spears returned to his seat. The woman was placed “on something flat and dragged inch by inch back to the place.”

Alarmed passengers business class offered to switch places with Britney for the remainder of the flight, she had to get to his chair.

The lawsuit accused the airline that Spears was subjected to “pushing, lifting, dragging, fall, crawl and humiliation”.

Spears bought a plane ticket through CheapOAir. The representative of the parent company Fareportal told the Dallas Morning News he sympathizes with the passenger, but “conversation in this situation should be between her and the airline”.

“I’m not the only one who has a disability. I think that in this plane, for example, could be my mother. And she would be unable to crawl on the floor. I barely could do it,” said Spears.

She expressed gratitude to the passengers on the plane who tried to help her, but says that the airline’s fault that did not provide specrel for passage. Spears requires compensation for moral damage in the amount exceeding $75 000.


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