Researchers have found a link between polluted air and cancer of the brain

Scientists estimate that air pollution leads to an additional case of brain cancer for every 100 thousand persons. During studies of the University of McGill being was analysed medical cards of 1.9 million adult Canadians between 1991 and 2016. University Professor Scott Weichenthal stated that the correlation between brain cancer and air pollution was “remarkably consistent”, but since this is the first study, it is important that other studies have confirmed it.

Ученые обнаружили связь между загрязненным воздухом и возникновением рака мозга

The study showed that the increase of environmental pollution for 10 thousand nanoparticles per cubic centimeter of air per year — about the difference between quiet and filled with cars the streets of the city had increased the risk of developing brain cancer by more than 10%, writes The Guardian.

Ultra fine particles (UFP), which are formed as a result of fuel combustion, especially diesel, into the human body, carrying cancer-causing chemicals.

The levels of pollution in the studied cities — Toronto and Montreal — ranged from 6 million particles/cubic cm to 97 thousand/cubic cm. Weisenthal said that the people living on the territory with contamination of 50 thousand nanoparticles per cubic cm, 50% have a higher risk of developing brain cancer than the people with 15 thousand/CC