Resident of calgary never bothered him a prize in Lotto Max (PHOTOS)

Жителя Калгари не взволновал его приз в Lotto Max (ФОТО)

Every week Canadians play the lottery hoping to win big. But instead of winning millions of all is usually limited to free play. But the rule confirms the exception, one of which was a canadian who brought to life our wildest dreams. The calgary resident won $ 65 million in Lotto Max and his reaction to such a big win was surprisingly calm.

All we thought about how we’d react if he won the lottery. We have some things planned: we work, go to travel the world. But whether ready tai Trinh (Trinh Tai) to win the jackpot in the amount of $ 65 million when earlier this month he habitually came in the morning to drink coffee? He kept his win secret from his family and friends.

While most lottery winners would have started to pay debts, to buy tours, cars and other luxury items, Trin has not taken any steps, and puts all the money in the Bank. He stated that he has no plans to change anything in your life. Although he recognizes that “this will definitely help to make life easier.”

Not for the first time this winning occurs the resident of the canadian Prairies, and according to Lotto Max, Thai became a 200-m the winner, a resident of the Territories or Prairies.

According to CBC News, winning Trina is the largest in Alberta and is the same as the largest prize in Canada. The same amount was won by a resident of Quebec in June 2019.

According to a press release issued on Lotto Max, Ty, Trin stopped by daily for coffee and to buy a lottery ticket at a local Shell gas station in calgary.

One morning Trin suddenly felt that this day was not ordinary. After checking my ticket on 4 October 2019, he found that he won $ 65 million.

But at the same time, Trin kept his cool and acted like something ordinary. After checking the ticket a second time, he realized that he was holding in his hand the winning ticket.

“You know, when you buy a ticket, you have to hope to win, explained Trin. So, I just thought, “Okay. This is normal””.

According to the representative of Lotto Max, no one knew about the prize when it came to him.

Zeroes in his Bank account increased, but Trin has no plans to change the usual pace of life.

In an interview CBC Trin said that he came to Canada in 1980 from Vietnam on the ship with numerous compatriots.