Residents of 2 homes in CityPlace fight for the abolition of the prohibition to make new Pets (PHOTOS)


Жильцы 2 домов в CityPlace борются за отмену запрета заводить новых домашних животных (ФОТО)

In two apartment buildings in the CityPlace area was forbidden to make new Pets due to the numerous complaints associated with the presence of animals in buildings: from feces in the elevators, to growl for the residents in the common areas.

The ban was actually passed by the house Committee in charge of the house 3 Navy Wharf Crt. and 5 Mariner Terrace, in 2016, but it was decided not to apply this rule until this summer.

Jen Fischer, residing in one of the houses, told reporters that she complied with the request to register your dog in the past year, but at that moment she didn’t clearly explain why this is necessary.

She stated that she found out about the ban only when Concierge “filed her claim” about the fact that she recently decided to keep a dog named “Tofu” from the shelter.

She said that after this outburst, she received a notice from the management company responsible for the building where it was reported that taken from a shelter the dog must leave the premises within two weeks.

Her own dog “this Cup has passed”, because they were registered prior to the entry rules in effect.

“Maybe they should get people who actually break the rules, such as when their animals defecate where it is not needed and not spread indiscriminately ban at all. It’s just not fair, – said Fisher. – Tenants in Toronto is quite difficult to find places that are suitable for Pets, so I think it creates a really dangerous precedent in CityPlace”.

In this regard, Fisher decided to start an online petition to get support in favor of lifting the ban, however, is not so simple.

To convene a special meeting to discuss the ban, Fischer needs to enlist the support of at least 15% of 597 owners of apartments in these two buildings.

“There is a clear division between the residents who are pet owners, and people who are not pet owners, said in an interview with Gary Peters of the Association of residents of CityPlace on Wednesday. – There are problems with some Pets, and although it’s not a rule but an exception, it creates tension. They are allowed to run around without a leash in the wrong places, they growl at people in the hallways, urinate in elevators and urinating from the balconies, while the liquid drains to the balconies of the neighbors below”.

Fisher said she hoped the house Committee would consider lifting the ban and replacing it with other less punitive measures such as issuing of fines to be applied to pet owners who violate the rules.

For his part, Peters said that this whole Saga underlines the need for additional areas for walking Pets in areas with high population density, such as CityPlace, where an estimated 7 000 Pets.

“It is home to 30,000 people, and there’s a Park and in this Park there is a tiny, time-limited, area dog parks, and there were clashes between owners and non-dog owners for the use of the site. This is not the place where you want to let the dogs out, but that’s where many owners take their dogs, he said. – Created habitat needs to consider a large number of dogs and the city authorities did not take this into account.”

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