Residents of Lac-Mégantic oppose bypass

Lac-M&égantic residents oppose bypass


A survey conducted by opponents of the route of the Lac-Mégantic bypass revealed that 70% of respondents from the municipality are against the project in its current form.

Opponents of the route of the Lac-Mégantic bypass are not giving up.

They conducted an in-house survey of 470 randomly selected citizens of the municipality. Some 376 agreed to answer the following question: “Are you for or against the route of the bypass in its current form?” About 70% answered against.

Those who commissioned the survey will present their results to the Lac-Mégantic municipal council on Tuesday evening. Mayor Julie Morin indicated that she preferred to wait to receive them before reacting to them.

On Sunday, a mobilization against the route proposed by Transport Canada took place in Frontenac. They were between 200 and 300, according to Mayor Gaby Gendro: “The citizens of Frontenac are concerned about the dual carriageway and especially about the impacts it can have on the groundwater table and the quality of drinking water.”


The government guarantees a water supply for only two years. After that, if there is a problem, the citizens will have to organize themselves.

The MP for Mégantic-L'Érable Luc Berthold has asked Transport Canada and the CP to reassure the affected citizens and give them better guarantees: “It is absolutely necessary that we reassure the citizens and the municipality and that the government give them medium and long-term guarantees. Drinking water is a basic need.”

“The Government of Canada is aware of the concerns raised by various members of the communities affected by the project, replied Transport Canada. In response to the concerns raised, we will hold a public consultation on the potential impacts of the project on hydrology, including groundwater and wetlands. More information will be provided later in the summer.”