Residents of the Mexican town dragged on the street of the mayor without his promise to build a road (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Жители мексиканского города проволокли по улице мэра, не сдержавшего обещание построить дорогу (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In Mexico, a few dozen people seized the mayor of the city of Las Margaritas Jorge Luis Escandon and tried to punish for failure to fulfill campaign meetings. As informs television channel TV Azteca, the official was tied to a pickup truck and the car dragged him through the streets. It is reported that the mayor promised the city’s residents to build a road, but the promises are not kept.

An eyewitness took video of the capture of Escandon. He was brought from city hall, tried to put in the truck, but he resisted, after which the people, including the shot began to scatter. According to records, some of the attackers were sticks. The following footage media publish with the video camera street surveillance: the same pickup truck going down the street, pulling a tied rope for man.

Then the official was rescued by the police. They prevented protesters smash city hall. All were arrested three dozen people, some of them were injured. According to security agencies, the attack was made by disgruntled farmers who were accused of kidnapping a politician.

October 9, the Prosecutor’s office said that the arrested 11 suspects in the attack on the mayor and officials, writes El Universal. According to the Agency, Escandon after the attack feels good and gets the help they need. TV Azteca noted that the farmers and attacked before the mayor and in one case dressed in women’s clothes.