Residents of Toronto are fighting with the illegal placement of signs election campaign (PHOTO)

Жители Торонто борются с незаконным размещением знаков избирательной кампании (ФОТО)

The canadian Federal election of officially continuing, and this means that political parties are doing everything they can to secure votes.

Sometimes this includes the illegal placement of campaign signs on the lawns in front of houses of those who did not give his consent.

Residents of Toronto are struggling with this phenomenon, and yesterday on Reddit posted a story about an example of such a confrontation.

The post was called “inhabitants of the house in Danforte found their approach to the conservatives, mistakenly installed the sign on the lawn at their address”.

The tenants saw the sign urging them to vote for the candidate of the CPC Zia Choudhary (Choudhary Zia) on his lawn, contacted the Agency conducting elections in Canada and asked to remove it.

When nothing was done, residents took matters into their own hands.

On both sides of the conservative party they made their own.

“They put their mark on our land without our consent!” – written on one and the other encourages passers-by not to vote for this particular candidate.

After the publication of this incident in the Internet Choudhary answered, stating that in may last year, the volunteer knocked on the door of this house and received permission to install the sign.

However, both the tenant claim they never gave permission to install the sign.

“Let me assure all of you that this never happened, or he confused my house with the house next door”, – stated in the message the landlord on Facebook.

And although the conflict was resolved, and the sign was eventually removed, comments that followed the appearance of the post on Reddit, prove that it is not a one-time event in Toronto.

“Last year, this happened more often and in MISSISSAUGA. In the area where my parents live, a representative of the PC has repeatedly caught destroying signs of other deputies and replacing them with his own without proper consent,” wrote one user.

“I live in Scarborough Agincourt and a few days ago saw on Sheppard some people pulled out the liberals and replaced them with signs of the conservatives,” added another.

It’s only been a week since the official start of the election campaign in Canada, and who knows how many such situations will arise before election day on October 21.