Residents of Toronto are now complaining about intolerable scents in the city (PHOTOS)

Жители Торонто сегодня жалуются на нестерпимые ароматы в городе  (ФОТО)

If you woke up from the unbearable smell, from nowhere, in Toronto, in this otherwise beautiful morning, your sense of smell, unfortunately, you are not deceived.

A strange smell spread in downtown Toronto, and residents are wondering what is her secret source.

One resident of Toronto revealed that first felt the smell in the area of Union Station, and then the relapse happened at the intersection of King and Duncan.

One Twitter user said that he saw people literally hold their noses and check the bottoms for the presence of “strong-smelling substances”.

Many networks are speaking out about the disgusting smell, and there were several theories about what might be causing the terrible stench.

So one of the women said on Twitter this morning saw Redpath Sugar were unloaded from the ship, and it suggests that the source of the smell is probably rotting sugar cane.

In response to her tweet, the representative of the 311 Toronto said that they had no full confidence, but in previous years the unpleasant smell was caused by rotting autumn leaves because of warming, and perhaps now the situation is repeated.

Another Twitter user unearthed a tweet from two years ago, which in October 2017 city Council member Mike Layton ascribes undesirable odor organic fertilizer that is used on sports fields.

But whatever the reason, we hope that it will disappear sooner than regularly pinch their nose, and going outside will become a regular and necessary habit.