Residents of Toronto are trying to have the street named after Rob Ford was not (PHOTO)


Жители Торонто стараются, чтобы улицы имени Роба Форда не было (ФОТО)

Recently news broke that a new street in Etobicoke can be named in honor of the late Rob Ford, now Toronto is rallying and uniting, that did not happen.

The city administration of Toronto tweeted a message a few days ago, urging Toronto residents to vote for 10 semifinalists names for the three new streets in Etobicoke.

Among the potential names of Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth, the word “Diversity” and, of course, the late, infamous former mayor and the brother of Premier of Ontario Rob Ford.

In this regard, the inhabitants literally staged a Twitter campaign and encourage others to choose from the list any names except the name of Rob Ford.

Many only vote for three specific names.

Others think that will fit what you want, just not Rob Ford.

There are even some who say that it is a duty of each is not allowed to call out the name of Ford.

One Twitter user even got emotional about the opportunity to once again vote against Rob Ford.

“I didn’t think ever again will vote against Rob Ford, but it seems that the universe wanted to provide me a small favor in 2019”, – he wrote.

The rating is one input from one device and open until 2 September.

Only time will tell which three names to choose for new streets, but what I can say for now is that the scandals surrounding the Ford brothers seem to unite Toronto.