Residents of Tyumen and Kirov will be able to see the rapprochement of the moon with Jupiter


Жители Тюмени и Кирова смогут увидеть сближение Луны с Юпитером

On 16 June, the residents of Kirov and Tyumen will observe an interesting astronomical phenomenon – the convergence of the satellite with Jupiter, according to the portal “Tyumen line”. To see the planets recommended after 22 hours.

On this day, the brightness of the planets will be particularly high, so the moon accompanied by Jupiter will be perfectly clear over the South-Eastern part of the horizon to the naked eye. And the owners of telescopes and binoculars can even see the largest of the moons of Jupiter – Callisto, Europe, IO and Ganymede.

The planet appears in the sky an hour after sunset. For residents of Kirov, in a Park near the Palace of pioneers will arrange organized the observation of rare astronomical phenomenon.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S., the astronomers were able in real time to observe the birth of a new planetary system.

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