Residents staged a protest over poor living conditions (PHOTOS)

Жильцы устроили акцию протеста из-за плохих жилищных условий (ФОТО)

On Saturday in Weston near the pair of apartment buildings going residents, supported by a group of activists, due to the fact that mice and cockroaches have become a constant attribute of their apartments.

Chanting “down with the owners of slums”, the group decided to pay attention to the terms and conditions on which, locals say, they were a long time have complained, but made no response.

Several residents living in the area of Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue, invited a journalist from CTV News Toronto in their apartments, but asked not to name their names, for fear of sanctions by the lessor Weston Property Management.

One of the residents, who moved into a Studio apartment in March, said that he spends at least $60 a month in sprays against insects. He puts mousetraps and traps for the roaches next to her kitchen window sill.

He noted that it does not want to be named because he is afraid of the consequences.

“I know how it is when you begin to act, they apply the countermeasures, I’m afraid, that then will have nowhere to find housing.”

Another tenant living in the apartment with two young children, said that dozens of traps for cockroaches, which he had placed everywhere in his apartment two or three days ago, covered with insects. Despite this, the kitchen in his apartment looks clean.

Marsha stone is a member of the local branch of the Association of public organizations for the immediate reform (ACORN). She reported that the group acts on behalf of the residents.

Janice Arsenault lived in these buildings the past two and a half years. She said that almost from the day she moved in, was a wide variety of problems.

“In the bathroom, if you turn on the water, in the mixer you can adjust the temperature, but as soon as you press the button for the shower… cold water no. So every time you are under a scalding hot shower”.

But, according to Arsenault, the homeowner does not respond to requests for assistance.

Journalists CTV News Toronto tried to contact someone from Weston Property Management, but in vain.