Restart the Italian Serie A has been postponed

Рестарт итальянской Серии А вновь откладывается

Giuseppe Conte

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte signed a new decree in which there is a clause stating that “Sports events and competitions of all kinds and disciplines are suspended in public or private places, until June 14,” says Football Italia.

Thus, the restart of the season in Serie A that was scheduled for June 13, will not take place.

In addition, between the special Committee of the Italian government and the leadership of the Series And there is disagreement on the approval of medical Protocol for conducting football matches.

The main contentious issue is the order of actions in case of detection of intrusion at any of the players or the coaching staff. According to the current recommendations of the government, in this case the whole team should be sent on a two-week quarantine.

In turn, the clubs insist on the algorithm, which in such a situation, quarantine would only the player/representative of the coaching staff.