Restaurants have started to charge a ‘fee for COVID-19’: customers outraged

Various institutions in USA, such as restaurants and salons have begun to charge customers an additional fee because of the pandemic, COVID-19. This writes Fox News.

Рестораны начали взымать 'доплату за COVID-19': клиенты возмущены

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“Supplement” to the coronavirus in the amount of $2,19, customers found the receipt from a restaurant in Missouri. This caused a negative reaction and social networks, but the restaurateur says he’s trying to make ends meet in this difficult time.

Billy Yuzar said he decided to add a surcharge to offset the rising cost of food from suppliers instead of raising prices on all food on the menu. The restaurateur added that his institution is one of the many restaurants in West plains, which imposed such surcharge. He also said he had not heard complaints from their customers.

Instead, Yuzar said that it covered the negative reviews of people who have never visited his restaurant, and it all started with a tweet of a woman who, judging from the data in social networks, lives in California.

“I’m sorry … what? The fee for COVID-19?”, — signed a Twitter user photo of a receipt from Kiko Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge, which included “an additional fee because of the COVID-19”.

The tweet quickly went viral, gathering hundreds of comments. Most of them were judgmental, although there were those who stood on the side of the restaurant, explaining that the cost of the additional disinfection and protective equipment for workers need to cover.

Рестораны начали взымать 'доплату за COVID-19': клиенты возмущены

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“If I ever see it in the score, I’m not going to pay, wrote one user. — I am also trying to make ends meet. Who should I invoice?”.

But the restaurant in West plains is not the only institution where in the bill included the fee for a pandemic. Because restaurants are struggling to stay afloat, some believe that innovation is a necessity.

San Diego Mexican restaurant, announced that due to the lack of meat is an extra charge for “carne Asada” in the amount of $1, and in Michigan Burger added $1 to each order due to the decrease in the number of orders.

Рестораны начали взымать 'доплату за COVID-19': клиенты возмущены

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And do not just restaurants. Dental office in Jacksonville (FL), started to charge extra for the consultation of $10 for personal protection equipment, and in Texas some hairdressers started to charge for disinfection in the amount of $3.

Kiko Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge published in the Facebook message, which emphasized that the surcharge is temporary.

“We’re not trying to hide this Supplement, we have chosen this option and not raised the prices on the menu, so we can adjust the surcharge on a weekly basis, wrote a restaurant. — We put a warning about the Supplement in front of the restaurant and write about it in the receipt. Please understand that we can not control the growth of prices for meat, seafood, poultry, and other products.”

The owner of the restaurant, Billy Yuzar said that more information appears on the Internet on the front door of the restaurant hangs a flyer on the extra charge at the checkout too, there is a warning, so customers know about it.

“We do not hide anything. When you walk into our restaurant, you can see” — he said.

Yuzar said the Twitter user who posted the photo, was not a visitor of the restaurant.

He said he now worries about their employees and the reputation of his restaurant, which he considers tainted by negative reviews, people from Canada and Texas who had never even visited this place, but just saw a viral photo in Twitter.