Restaurants in California increased prices for the sake of combating climate change

In January in some restaurants of the state of California as additional measures to combat climate change has introduced an additional allowance of 1% of invoices to customers, according to the Fox Business.

Рестораны в Калифорнии повысили цены ради борьбы с изменением климата

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The money will be used to Restore funding for the California restaurant Association, and farmers, which is managed by the non-profit Zero Foodprint. This Association, according to its statement, will Fund food producers that adhere to environmentally sound technologies.

“Restore California puts the acres of farmland from the mining industry to renewable, as well as utilities improve power grid, financing renewable energy projects”, — said in a press release, Karen Leibowitz, Executive Director of Zero Foodprint.

This program can quickly raise $10 million estimated cost in 1% in the California restaurant industry, which is about $100 billion, in the first year can bring significant income.

The restaurant Association Golden Gate have already introduced a fee for SFGATE, the allowance introduced the restaurants Atelier Crenn, Benu, and Chez Panisse.

How did this have on customers?

“Are you kidding me?” — wrote one Twitter user.

“It seems that California has already become the country with the highest taxes in the country,” complained another.

California sales tax is now 7.25 percent.

Representatives of Chinese Food in San Francisco said that they decided to abandon the allowances after complaints of a large number of visitors, opting instead to make a donation directly to Restore California.