Resumed three European football championship: team Rebrov “maintain” 5 thousand “fans” (photos)

Возобновились еще три европейских футбольных чемпионата: команду Реброва "поддерживали" 5 тысяч "фанов" (фото)


In past UIK-end in Europe after a pause caused by a coronavirus pandemic, renewed for another three football championship. The first matches took place in Armenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In particular, the Budapest “Ferencvaros”, which is headed by Ukrainian specialist Serhiy Rebrov and Ukrainians Igor Haratines and Alexander Zubkov in the starting lineup in the match 27th round of the defeated “Debrecen” – 2:1.

First victory to Fradi helped “support” 5 thousand fans, although it is just cardboard. This was the result of the action of a club called “Be there somehow”. Any holder of season tickets or cards of support “Ferencvaros” could fill out a form and send your photo, and the club at their own expense manufactured and placed “cardboard fans” in the stands.

It turned out very effectively.

“Ferencvaros” has a good chance to repeat last year’s success and once again become champion of Hungary – the team of Rebrov in the standings ahead of “Fehervari” on 6 points and has a game in hand.

Next weekend scheduled matches of the championship of Denmark, Poland and Serbia, and in Austria will host the match of the Cup.