Retirees must be careful. From September there are changes that may make it difficult to earn extra money for retirement. How much can you lose

From September 1, new ideas of the ruling party will come into force …

 Retirees must be careful. From September there are changes that can make it difficult supplementing your pension. How much can you lose

Retirement benefits and the possibility of earning extra money to retirement still give millions of Poles sleepless nights. You still have to keep an eye on the amount and worry about whether, despite earning extra money, you will have enough funds for food, medicines and keeping a roof over your head. Who should be thanked for this?

On September 1, on Thursday, further government bills are to be introduced to regulate restrictions on earning benefits for pensioners.

Due to the reduction of the allowed amount, people pension recipients will have to exercise caution.

Retirees earning extra money now have to be on your guard!

The Social Insurance Institution will have the right to suspend your pension payment if you exceed the allowed amount that you can earn as a pensioner.


People who are retired earlier, will not be able to earn as much as they could earn earlier, because the limits that change every three months apply to all who have taken early retirement.

If you want to earn some extra retirement while keeping the full pension amount, you will have to earn less than 70 percent of the average wage. Exceeding the limit will result in a significant reduction of the old-age pension benefit.

However, it is not possible to exceed 130 percent of the average monthly salary, as such an “oversight” will result in a complete suspension of the pension payments.