Retirement after 45 years on the same street corner

Retirement after 45 years on the same street corner


After ensuring the safety of students on the same street corner in the Sillery sector for 45 years, the hour of retirement has come for an 83-year-old crossing guard.< /p>

René Lévesque was premier of Quebec, Guy Lafleur won the NHL scoring championship and the first film in the Star Wars sagahit the big screen when Colette Boisvert started patrolling the intersection of rue Sheppard and avenue Chanoine-Morel in 1977.

Since then, she has never left. “I started here, so I'll end here,” laughs the lady, who is on her last day of work today.

Rain or shine, Ms Boisvert has made it a point to be at her post. She only missed a few days during her career, which began somewhat by chance after a proposal launched by the brigadier then in post. 

“ I walked every day with my daughter to go to school. He asked me if I was interested since I passed here every day. I didn't expect to be 45,” she says, with another laugh.

She had no idea in her early days that she would take two generations across the busy intersection. of children. “I go through children's children,” she proudly recounts.

A known face in the neighborhood, Ms. Boisvert is greeted by several walkers. During the Journal interview on Tuesday, she did not fail to exchange a few words with passers-by. “Everyone knows me!” she laughs.

“You only have two left,” a man says to her, taking the time to chat. a few words before continuing on his journey. 


Over time, friendships have been forged with some parents. An aspect of her work that she greatly appreciated.

It is, she believes, what has allowed her to stay in good health. With a firm step, a watchful eye, she remains very alert when pedestrians cross. 

“It allowed me to socialize with people. It keeps me in shape because I walk. Really, I had a great job and I don't regret having devoted 45 years to it. »

After hanging up her stop sign, Collette Boisvert does not only intend to rest . “Restaurant outings” and “small visits to the casino” are on the menu.

“We will continue to enjoy life,” she says.

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