Retirement benefits of TVP legends. Without savings, they get into financial trouble with low pensions

Low star pensions and pension contributions. Many led a lavish life and did not care about social security contributions …

 Retirement benefits of TVP legends. Without savings, low pensions get into financial trouble

There is no news about the ridiculously low retirement benefits, which are told by the legends of Telewizja Polska, which spoke loudly about their financial problems, when the government lockdown overtook all of Poland.

Retired stars boast about their pensions. Few keep from complaining

At that time, celebrities who were on the candlestick, who complied with the restrictions and all orders, later complained about the inability to earn money. It was also then that the narrative of low pensions developed intensively by people from show business and television personalities, such as theater actors, musicians and journalists.

Many of them mentioned the lack of a livelihood, while complaining about the government's decision to lock people up in their homes, because they were forced to earn extra money for a low pension, they were deprived of this possibility at the time. Examples of the above situations are Krystyna Loska, who once admitted that her retirement pension was a little over PLN 1000.

Edyta Wojtczak and Teresa Lipowska receive benefits slightly above PLN 2,000 per month. It should be noted that the valorization did not significantly improve their financial situation.

I have a pension of PLN 2,200. I believe that this is an average pension, because sometimes they are worse. It is only from gags, that is, part of the theater, and not from any extras, films or concerts. […] that we used to pay a lot for the so-called supplement to the pension and at some point it all disappeared somewhere and it turned out that we have nothing – Teresa Lipowska once said.

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