Reva explained what the threat of the accumulative pension system

The introduction of a funded pension system — known financial pyramid MMM only at the state level.

Рева объяснил, в чем угроза накопительной пенсионной системы

This was stated by former Minister of social policy Andrei Reva broadcast “Channel 24”.

He noted that in Ukraine 11 300 000 pensioners, the average pension which — 3200 hryvnia, and the Chairman of the Committee on social policy Galina Tretyakov manipulates these numbers.

According to him, according to the conclusion of the Main scientific expert Department, the introduction of third-level pension provision in force in Ukraine for more than 15 years — the failed experiment.

Reva believes that the current solidarity pension system provides for the payment of employer Pension Fund contributions 22%, from which then pay retirees pensions. At the same time, according to him, there is a third level of pension savings. If you have more funds, they can be placed in the pension Fund and to pay a certain amount to the basic pension in a few years will be added to the accumulated Fund.

“But the bill Tretyakova proposes to require employers to deduct money going to the joint system, in the pension Fund. It is actually a government Ponzi scheme. People will require some of the money going to the joint system, to transfer to the savings insurance companies. That is, you will not be able to avoid paying,” explained the former Minister.

So, according to Reva, “reasoning the authors of the bill – the argument Leni Golubkov, who believed that investing in MMM, will get huge profit”. In addition, he cited the example of the failure of this system in Eastern Europe with more developed economies and perfect the legal field.

“The experience of our neighbors shows that it is a pyramid scheme anywhere in Eastern Europe has not justified itself positively. They are scaling down these systems”, he said.

In his opinion, approval of the accumulative pension system are lobbying for representatives of the former insurance business.

“Instead of trying to solve the problems of the current pensioners of the pension share 100 billion – will be taken in the interests of insurance companies. In the hope that this state Ponzi scheme will give them a profit in 20 years”, — summed up Reva.