Ribs were aching and blue leg: Nadezhda Matveeva on the enormous loads “Tancah s with a stars”…

Болели ребра и посинела нога: Надежда Матвеева о колоссальных нагрузках в «Танцях з зірками»...

The fourth broadcast of the popular project “Tantsi z with a stars” (“1+1”) left a pair of Hope Matveeva Shokhin and Valery. Leading STB channel in his “farewell word” admitted that preparing for this moment since the first broadcast. Hope was the oldest participant in the dance show and, as described by Francisco Gomez, the soul of the project.

I love dancing and I realized that if you want something, all things are possible, — said Matveyev. — I will, I just know it!

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS,” Hope said about how experienced your care, fears during the project and called the name of him who is worthy of victory this season.

Hope I how do you feel awake in the morning, after the end of the show?

— I did not sleep well because the air ends later. And after these events zasypai immediately. So got up later than usual. But now I feel like I’ve done something very good. I liked the process of filming, participation in the project. But everything was difficult and time-consuming. This is such a special harmony that I felt in the project.

Болели ребра и посинела нога: Надежда Матвеева о колоссальных нагрузках в «Танцях з зірками»...

— It was obvious you changed from ether to ether. You lost a lot of weight…

Really?! I have such a strange feature where periodically people tell me: “Oh, you are so skinny!” I myself do not notice. But that’s fine, I say so. If I said I was recovered, it would be a bit sad. I have not weighed even once, so I don’t know. The clothes are not lost. I was worried that the stress I will have a tired face, but this did not happen. In fact, “Dancing…” different effect on my health. I am very tired, aching ribs, there was a sprain on the foot. But he pulled up the body, it was a good load.

Болели ребра и посинела нога: Надежда Матвеева о колоссальных нагрузках в «Танцях з зірками»...

— You are not used to such physical activity?

— I checked his feelings with the feelings of other participants — different age and physical fitness. All was difficult. Even Anya Rizatdinova — she also had an injury. Tanne wasn’t easy, although she does exercise. Of course, I was not ready for such loads and glad I survived it.

— You know, agreeing to the project, what can you expect?

— Of course, I talked to friends, colleagues associated with the project. I was warned about the difficulties. The only thing I wanted to know the statistics of the physical injury, it bothered me — the broken ribs and all in this spirit. And now, looking at his blue foot, you know that got off easy. Over time, fatigue accumulates and becomes harder to do performances, so increasing the risk of injury.

Болели ребра и посинела нога: Надежда Матвеева о колоссальных нагрузках в «Танцях з зірками»...

— What did you find hardest?

— Ballroom dancing such a process that sometimes I just wondered why I can’t. I show the step movement and it’s so simple, and I can’t do! I love to analyze, I thought about it. Our brain has to readjust, and he resists. Literally says “I don’t want, I don’t need those moves. Stop!” And when you overcome it, the brain gives up and you receive a result. Offer something like a second breath.

— You left at just the right time.

— Not to say that it was a good point because then it turns out some pre-programmed. But if to speak about my feelings, then I’m glad I did. I showed some progress, feeling that such a dance. I kept saying, “have fun!”. And in his latest dance project, I relaxed.

— Will you continue to dance for yourself?

— Now I will listen to your body that says, “Nadya, get some rest.” And so, as they say, lace-up skirt for dancing I have. So at any moment to go back on the floor.

— How comfortable you were in the role of a contestant, after all, had to listen to criticism of judges!

— I do not want to say that the show is a show, but it’s true. And the criticism of judges were fair. I tried to take criticism as something that can be applicable only to me, not compared myself with other members. And it gave me the strength to draw some constructive. I myself am so self-critical that everyone can see. And I am grateful to the project participants for the warm attitude to me. I understand that a lot depended on me, how my soul went into the project. But I was completely honest.

— Give yourself a rest after the project?

— Of course! However, today I had to take business meetings, so that everything is in order. Already think good, do not go to the dance. Now you can do a lot of planned. When the project began, I promised myself that after the final go somewhere to relax body and soul, reward yourself with relaxation. So be it.

— Who do you think will be the winner of the season?

I think that in the spirit of the project, it will be the man who overcomes himself becomes better. I think what will win People of Barbir. I see she’s trying. This is the process of punching, disclosure itself. It is interesting to observe and empathize.

— What kind of dance you like to dance?

I laughed with my partner, Valery, who taught me all the steps, I said that when I pronounce his final speech, say, “No, I’m not all danced, learned! Wait else chacha can do.” But then I decided for myself that no amount of knowledge and experience are not empty. I did it with the soul and grateful to the project that we were able to learn about what and did not dream.

We will remind, the former American model and ex-wife of famous musician Billy Joel Christie Brinkley broke his arm during a rehearsal for the broadcast of the American TV show “Dancing with the stars.”

And Catherine Kuchar and Alexander Stoyanov, as promised, has formalized its 10-year civil marriage. However, did it not live show.

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