Ricky Martin becomes a father for the fourth time

46-year-old Ricky Martin decided to reaffirm the status of the children. He and his partner, Joseph Gwen expecting their fourth child. About this singer of the hit “Livin ‘La Vida Loca” announced publicly in presenting the award at the 23rd annual National dinner of the campaign for the protection of human rights in Washington. On this day, Ricky Martin presented the award for protecting the rights of transgender people and philanthropy. Ricky and his husband came to the ceremony with two of their three children ― 11-year-old sons Matteo and Valentino.

Рики Мартин станет отцом в четвертый раз

My family is here. My husband, Juan, I love you, my beautiful twins Valentino and Matteo… I love you. Lucia, my little girl is not with us, she stayed at home with grandma, but she’s also the light of my life. And, by the way, I have to announce that we are pregnant. We expect replenishment in the family

― made an unexpected confession the singer, who said that he likes large families.

The family of Martin Joseph plans to re-seek the services of a surrogate mother. The first time Ricky became a father to twins Matteo and Valentino born 6 August 2008. Daughter Lucia born December 31, 2018 and not a single father. In 2018, Ricky Martin is officially married with the Swedish-Syrian artist Divanom Yosef, whom he had met before two years.