Rihanna half-naked breast shown photo hot bikini

Rihanna promoting your own brand underwear, showed the fans photo in hot bikini. Appropriate post 31-year-old star posted in Instagram.

Рианна с полуголой грудью показала фото в «горячем» бикини

Rihanna loves revealing outfits to accentuate her sexuality. One day, the singer came out in bangs and nightgown. Network celebrity publishes more racy and often provocative shots.

On the new photo, Rihanna is captured in the pool during night swimming. Her bathing suit was so tiny that couldn’t stop jumping out tasty Breasts. Draped Cape not allowed to consider the bottom from the bikini but probably he is too little concealed. Followers liked the post, but some feared that revealing outfits will cause dissatisfaction with the administration of the social network.

Five years ago, Instagram has already blocked the account of Rihanna. The reason was the photos taken for publication Lui. The administration asked the singer to remove candid shots, but the recommendations were ignored, so the page was in the ban. Few weeks back celebrity access microblog.