Rihanna responded to the rumors about the participation in “Batman”

Rihanna stirs up unprecedented interest in his statements about poison Ivy. Recently, the singer said that with pleasure would play the villain in the Saga of Batman.

Рианна ответила на слухи об участии в «Бэтмене»

Most of the rumors were sparked after Rihanna posted in his Instagram a new video. The singer rides in the car, her black boots made of elastic rubber with a leather ― lined shoes from her own line. However, excited fans not beautiful boots, but mentioning of the Batmobile in the description below the video:

The Batmobile needs to do stylish.

That alone was enough, so the fans were delighted with the idea that Rihanna will be part of the Batman universe. Given the love for bright red hair, the singer really fit the role of poison Ivy. Other fans suggest that black heeled boots hinted at the role of Catwoman.

When Rihanna was asked about which of the interpretations of her allusions are true, singer replied that anything not hinted at, and her photos have no relationship to Poisonous Ivy. While she argues that with the future franchise it connects nothing.

In the description below the video do have a lot in common with Batman, but it’s all about my obsessions. Want to be honest: I’m obsessed with poison Ivy. With casting me hasn’t called yet, but if they did, I would gladly went there and tried. No wonder I was poison Ivy for Halloween!

― said Rihanna.

So even if its publication really had no relation to Batman, that doesn’t mean fans makes no sense to believe that they will see the singer in the new movie.