Rimouski residents will be able to share their vision of the future for their city

Rimouskois will be able to share their vision for the future of their city


The citizens of Rimouski will have the opportunity to express their views on the issues and the direction they would like their city to take for the next eight years during a vast public consultation called Rimouski 2030.  

“We need this great consultation so that citizens can say what their vision of Rimouski is for 2030, explained Mayor Guy Caron. This is the perfect time to ask people to express this vision to us.” 

As of the end of the month, comment boxes will be installed throughout the City. There will also be several meetings organized in public places. 

Citizens will also be invited to share their comments online or by telephone until the end of October. Other meetings are also planned for November. 

“We wanted to give people an option to take digital, telephone, paper. We will be in person. There will really be plenty of opportunities for citizens,” detailed France Leclerc, project manager for Rimouski 2030. 

According to several citizens interviewed by TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday, the housing crisis seems to be top priority for many. Note that the housing vacancy rate is 0.2% in Rimouski. 

The results of the consultations and the City's action plan will be unveiled in 2023.