‘Ring of fire’: what was the latest and the most beautiful solar Eclipse 2019

The inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India and South-East Asia were able to see the last solar Eclipse of the year. About it writes BBC.

'Огненное кольцо': как выглядело последнее и самое красивое солнечное затмение 2019 года

Screenshot: YouTube/The Guardian News

An annular Eclipse could be seen in some cities in the Asian part of Russia.

Thousands of people took to the streets to see the natural phenomenon, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Saudi Arabia.

A partial Eclipse was observed in the countries of Central Asia, the Urals and Siberia.

When the annular Eclipse the Moon covers the center of the solar disk, leaving only a kind of ring around its shadow.

Solar eclipses usually occur twice a year.

The previous solar Eclipse occurred on July 2 and was seen only in the countries of South America.

The next Eclipse will occur on December 14 2020, and will be seen in southern Chile and Argentina, and in South-West Africa and Antarctica.