Riot in Russia: people need to Lynch the murderer of nine-year-old girls (video)

Бунт в России: люди требуют линчевать убийцу девятилетней девочки (видео)

Residents of the Russian city of Saratov gathered at a spontaneous rally, demanding them to give the murderer a local nine-year-old girls, which they want to make mob killings. It is reported by Telegram-channel Baza.

It is reported that citizens gathered near the building of the OVD of the Kirov district, where he was taken the suspect to the crime.

Regional news Agency “Region 64” reports that another group of several hundred people watches the area near the garages, where they found the girl’s body. According to them, the perpetrator is either still hiding, or he’s coming back for investigation.

The police pulled in the building of the police forces from neighbouring districts.

Information resource recalls that Lisa went missing on the morning of 9 October on the way to school. He was later arrested a suspect in the murder. He confessed to the crime and told investigators that he strangled the girl with anger — Lisa supposedly he rudely replied. The girl’s body the man hid in the garage. I was looking for 20 days.

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