Risky bet for Marchand

Risk bet for Merchant


By keeping Jean-François Gosselin on the Executive Committee, who has made his fight against the tramway one of his main motivations in municipal politics, Mayor Bruno Marchand is making an error in judgment that could cost him dear. 

This incoherent political decision, which sows discord on the council, means that a councilor from Quebec City first, Véronique Dallaire, finds herself ejected from the executive committee. 

The party to which Mrs. Dallaire belongs nevertheless had the largest number of councilors elected among the opposition.

Québec d'abord has also supported the mayor from the start in his desire to build the tramway.  


On the contrary, Councilor Gosselin has been making false statements about the largest project in the history of Quebec for years. He has made his opposition to the tram “the project of his life”, as opposition leader Claude Villeneuve put it yesterday. 

The latter is furious with this way of doing “old man politics”, like a boys club. The mayor, he recalled, said he wanted to do politics differently. 

One of the Quebec 21 candidates for the 2021 election, Jean-Pierre Du Sault, is even at the origin of the group which hopes to block the tramway project in court.

Obviously, we have never heard Mr. Gosselin comment on this group, whose recourse is already causing costs for the taxpayers of Quebec.

Question of files

The mayor of Quebec denies having made a decision on a question of personality or contribution, underlining the quality work provided by Ms. Dallaire. A question of files rather guided his choice. 

Head of recreation and sports, Mr. Gosselin works hard and has many contacts in this environment. We can think that the mayor also sees it as a way to keep him quiet. The latter has also been more discreet with regard to the tramway, while he is responsible for the file for Québec 21. 

In return, the main opposition party, which considered itself as a partner of the mayor on the tramway, will now be on his guard and could leave the steering committee.

The mayor, however, needs all the support possible. His bet is risky.

Risky bet for Merchant