Rizatdinova tears and triumph Mishina: the memorable finale of “Tanzu s with a stars” (video)

Слезы Ризатдиновой и триумф Мишиной: чем запомнился финал «Танців з зірками» (видео)

Sunday, November 24 held a Grand Superfinal “Tanzu s with a stars” (“1+1”). Exactly fourteen weeks, the participants fought on the floor to get the Cup of the season. To reach the Grand final only managed three pairs: Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov, Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar, Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat. The women’s final turned out to be very stressful.

That pairs were better able to demonstrate their technical preparation of ether were divided into three dance stages. On the first of each pair showed the premiere room in the project. On the second all — star participants showed a dance that has become the most popular, according to spectators. The third — proved their skills in the “Dances of life” dance in four ballroom styles. So, for the first time during the Superfinal, each pair performed six dance numbers!

The broadcast was opened by Nastya Kamenskih and three pairs of finalists. By the way, from season to season there are rumors that Anastasia would be one of the participants of the project.

Leading the festive show were Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. At the judges ‘ table — Grigory Chapkis, Francisco Gomez, Kateryna Kuhar and Vlad Yama.

The Grand final opened a couple of Anne of Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov.

— I came to the project to prove that the Olympic Champions, too, star — admitted Anna. — I started life with a clean slate.

A pair of “lit” hall is a passionate Paso Doble with the first broadcast to the hit “The Hardkiss”.

Love love love! — exclaimed after the number of pairs of Gregory Chapkis.

These same words have supported participants in Francisco Gomez.

— You’re my prima and the white Swan our project, — said Kateryna Kuhar.

— It was the best Paso Doble of the season — acknowledged Vlad Yama. — If you win, then it will be true. Lav-Lav-Lav!

On the balcony of the participants were supported by a popular singer Oleg Vinnik.

The judges gave the pair 40 points.

— Tuned to this broadcast and went to the floor as the last time, — admitted “FACTS” Anna Rizatdinova. — If you compare it with the Olympic games, the same jitters before going on the floor I can paralyze trembling and fear, but as soon as the music “wings” open, and this is Anna Rizatdinova that has changed over these 14 ethers and regenerated in a new man. The Paso Doble is the dance I danced in the very first broadcast, he told my history and lit in the audience’s heart the fire that was burning on the floor. For the final I wanted to remember how it was, it took so much air, and the dance remains one of the brightest. Dancing for life is a special treat, we’ve been preparing for this all week and I want to get the most enjoyment and be inspired. Little life “dancing with the stars” is over, but I’m sure it’s a new stage and a new chance for me and my career.

Pair of Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar repeated rousing Lindy-hop style party Gatsby. By the way, the participants in the project never danced “for life”.

— Project for me — the story of Cinderella, who got to the ball,’ said Victoria. — I dedicate my performance to the audience.

— You danced at their level, — declared Vlad Yama. — If you win, I will jump on the table and shout: “Victoria Bulitko!”

— You made the show something incredible, — said Catherine. But if you love to win…

— You have too much energy, — noticed Francisco. — Do everything possible to win.

— I’ll be for you to get bored, — Grigory Chapkis always called that a couple of their favorites.

Judges appreciated the performance of the pair on 30 points.

Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat performed a passionate Foxtrot to the immortal hit Kuzma Scriabin “Movchaty”. In the first broadcast he touched the audience, as their kiss on the floor.

— I have the best partner, — Xenia admitted. — I want to help my Wife win this project. I love you…

— How many secrets in your eyes, ‘said Catherine, turning to Ksenia.

Your best dance of all time! — Chapkis admitted. — I’m touched.

— And you can win! — decided Francisco. — You make of the performances of a masterpiece of history! I was mesmerized by it.

— Your pair is very developed, — Vlad Yama was delighted. — If you win, I will not climb on the table, I’m happy.

On the balcony a few supported a former participant of the project, a popular singer demi Lovato.

The judges gave the pair 39 points.

I was very nervous on the Grand final, — said Ksenia Mishina “FACTS”. — I think that is a state I have not been a few days before the live broadcast. Even thought that before the final fall asleep, but thank God managed a few hours sleep. All, of course, very experiential. Already 14 weeks, I am learning to cope with anxiety, but the Grand final is a special day. I can compare that excitement with the way I felt when all this was just beginning. We had to perform six dances and it was supposed to be very cool. This season is very important technique and it was not right for mistake.

Before the second round of the finals on the parquet with new hit made by Max Barskih.

For the second time on the floor a couple of Anne of Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov came out with his most famous dance is passionate rumbas.

This dance I dedicate to the man that I met thanks to the project, — admitted Anna. — I’m in love again.

— Unsurpassed, ‘cried Gregory Chapkis. — That kind of love is extinguished and only cold shower.

It was very sexy — recognized Francisco, supported Vlad and Ekaterina. Kuhar suggested that the lover was talking about Anna is Irakli Makatsaria. Immediately after the speech, Irakli handed Rizatdinova luxury bouquet.

Couple on the balcony was supported by the soloist of the band “The hardkiss” Sanina, Julia.

Judges appreciated the performance of the pair on 40 points.

The second dance couple Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar was the Rumba.

— What do we need judges if we are called “the people’s love,” said Victoria before the show. I came into this project to get high.

This room is worthy of a final, — Vlad admitted after the pair.

— Acting is your Forte, — said Ekaterina. You very skillfully leaked to the final.

— I’m proud of you, Victoria, — admired Chapkis. — Don’t you two have drama.

On the balcony a few supported the singer Olga Gorbacheva.

The judges gave Victoria and Dmitry, 35 points.

Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat showed modern jazz- dance, which the actress devoted to her son.

— Will do anything to the Cup project came to the table my son promised Xenia.

— Everyone froze and was fascinated by your speech — recognized Francisco. I think you do know that your pair is unique.

— Ksenia, you have not learned own footsteps, — said Katerina, confusing the actress added. But thanks to this project you have there man, I saw your kiss with Eugene.

— Your dance was to die for! — admired Vlad Yama.

Met a couple on the balcony of a former participant of the project, a popular singer Jiji. And before the announcement of the decision of the judges on the floor with a new provocative hit made MARUV.

Judges appreciated the performance of the pair 39 points.

By results of voting of the judges in the first place was the pair of Anne of Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov — 80 points, the second — Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the Cat — 78 points, the third — Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar 65 points.

After his new hit sang popular singer Michel Andrade. With her on the floor came and the judge of the project is Francisco Gomez.

Before deciding performance on the floor came all pairs of parties updated of the third season.

Under the new rules, each judge has declared a dance that the couple has to dance on the floor. Gregory Chapkis called tango. Pair Ksenia Mishina earned 10 points, Victoria Bulitko — 9 points, Anna Rizatdinova — 10 points.

Francisco Gomez announced freestyle. Pair of Victoria Bulitko received from Francisco 6 points, Ksenia Mishina — 7 points, Anna Rizatdinova — 8 points.

Catherine Kuhar was invited couples to dance the cha-cha-cha. A pair of Anna Rizatdinova got 10 points, Victoria Bulitko — 7 points, Ksenia Mishina — 9 points.

— Girls, you are all sex bombs! — cried Catherine.

Vlad Yama announced Jive and the first on the parquet came out a couple of Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar. They received from the judge — 8 points. Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat — 9 points, Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov — 10 points.

By results of three tours in the first place was the pair of Anne of Rizatdinova — 118 points, the second — Ksenia Mishina — 113 points, the third — Victoria Bulitko 95 points.

Before the announcement of the audience vote, on the floor by the group “Time and Glass” and Tina Karol.

Show results began with the announcement of the couple that took third place at Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar.

— I have changed greatly during the project has grown thanks to the audience and the support of “Diesel-Studio”, — said Victoria. — But most of all I am grateful to Dima. He’s so great — kind, gentle, noble!

— Respect and love each other, — said Dmitry. — Thank you small, strong and courageous Victoria Bulitko.

The main intrigue of the evening was kept until the last minute. The winners of the next season of the project was the pair of Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the Cat. Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov took second place.

For me this project is all of life — do not hold back tears Anna. — Thank you to everyone who believed in our couple and this show, which has caused many girls to take a new look at the gym.

— Crazy — I don’t believe it! — exclaimed the Xenia. — Thank you to the judges who are our motivators. My parents and the main person in my life — the son of Plato who always supported me. But, most importantly, Jack, I so wanted you to win!

I have no idea how much I had suffered from Xenia, — admitted Evgenie the cat. – I can try my hand at the project for the third time. You know, God loves a Trinity…

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