Rizatdinova told how many lost draft dancing with the stars 2019

Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov were also star guests held the other day a loud presentation of a new project of Lesia Nikityuk, where she is leading the program about traveling Ukraine “LeМаршрутка” to “New channel” (starts 4 Nov).

Ризатдинова рассказала, за сколько похудела на проекте Танцы со звездами 2019

Ukrainian leading even called 5 reforms being implemented in the post “Minister of tourism of Ukraine”! At the meeting with journalists Rizatdinova Prokhorov told not only about their favorite Ukrainian cities. In exclusive comments to LITE/ RBC-Ukraine one of the favorites of the show Dancing with the stars 2019 told whom consider as the main competitors for the project. And care which players surprised Anna and Sasha the most.

Anna Rizatdinova: It was a real, great rivalry

Recall that in the recent TV show dancing with the stars 2019 (October 20) parquet left TV presenter Lyudmila Barbir and her partner Dmitry Zhuk. It turned out that the care of this couple most strongly shocked Rizatdinova.

“I’m sorry People of Barbir. Despite the fact that we were rivals (or for whom it is not a secret), we had a cool real competition! We pushed each other and it was a real competition — who’s who. Only competition is the growth of the pair. Therefore, I am very sorry. And I honestly did not restrain his emotions. I really started to cry. Because it was a shock, unexpected. I’ve seen People in the final and they were worthy to be there. Plus, we really became friends. We are like one big family. And when someone crashes, it’s stress,” says Anna Rizatdinova.

Alexander Prokhorov also shared the view of his partner. In addition, Alexander is a pity that the project has left the singer Jiji.

“It was easy for me to communicate with Jiji, who left the project. Now the people I see in the finals is, of course, my partner. Further I would like to see Vladimir Ostapchuk. And of course, for common People is also a shame. This is a man who worked as much as others, even more for some couples. It is a pity that people who want and can show a good result, so before leaving the show” — says Prokhorov.

Main rivals

Also Anna and Alexander spoke on the subject of who is now considered the most dangerous competitors.

“A very strong Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat. I also have sympathy for the pair Dikusar of Bulitko because every time they are extraordinary, not a trivial change. And it’s sympathetic. Vova Ostapchuk is a strong opponent, because for him people. And as the results of previous programs, wins the one who will win the hearts of the viewers. Therefore, it becomes all the more frightening. Very much, we have already shown. You have to amaze everyone once more — the viewer gets used to the good. I understand that we can’t lower the bar. We each just need to do “wow.” And it’s hard. But we’re going to do it!” says Rizatdinova.

Rizatdinova: Lost 3 kg

As it turned out, during the project the Ukrainian gymnast lost only 3 kg. the Major changes she feels inside on an emotional level.

“I lost I three pounds. But I started basically ready — not with the largest weight. Now I have more changes for some internal feeling: there is the truth. Even me as an athlete! Because the schedule is quite strong, plus psychological tension. Each air — stress. Especially when you’re just really afraid to be nominated. Nerves to the limit and even I find it difficult to hide the jitters. So vote for us!” — calls on Anna.

Rizatdinova Prokhorov about his favorite cities and the problems of the tourism of Ukraine

Ukrainian gymnast and dancer traveled with performances and competitions literally all of Ukraine. So they are like no one better know what the problem is to be solved on the way of development of tourism in Ukraine.

“This is by far the road in the first place. This is the train. Even reserved seats could be more comfortable. Abroad will not see this. There made for all people and there are facilities. Even if it’s not first class. We have no such. Remember how we went to the Championships of Ukraine national team, it was a reserved seat, in a terrible state cars,” — says Anya.

“It’s worth noting that many interesting architectural monuments of our country in a very bad condition, they are not allocated money. But it could develop, support and attract tourists. It’s a shame that everything just collapses,” — said Prokhorov.

But his favorite city Anya called Kiev. While she was born in Simferopol.

“I traveled all over Ukraine with the competition. With 10 years travel to all the cities of Ukraine… has Been everywhere, love their country. But the main city for me is still Kiev!”

Prokhorov also highlights hometown Zhmerynka: “For me, the favorite city and the most colorful, which is a nice each time to come is the lions. But I also love my hometown of Sochi. The main attraction of the city is the station, which is among the five most beautiful stations of the world! Come and see!”