Robbie Williams has lived 13 years without a mobile phone

Робби Уильямс прожил 13 лет без мобильного телефона

British pop singer Robbie Williams told that they did not use a mobile phone for 13 years. This publication reports The Guardian.

“I have no phone since 2006. I always use my laptop, I always have access to Wi-Fi”, explained the artist. Discussing the social network, he noted that he had no passwords on them, otherwise his “career would come to an end.” According to star, the posts for him to publish other people.

In the summer of 2018 Williams appeared on the stadium “Luzhniki” in Moscow before the first match of the 2018 world Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia. He sang several songs, including Rock DJ. During his speech, the musician showed “fuck you”, accompanied by a gesture with the words: “I did it for free.”

“At such events is important not to cause an international incident. And, you know, I did it. I am very worried, I had only one minute, I didn’t have time to finish singing. So I showed that one minute left,” explained his action by Williams. The contractor admitted that at times it becomes difficult to restrain ourselves.