Robert De Niro is suing his ex-assistant

76-year-old American actor Robert De Niro and his former assistant Graham Robinson sued each other in court and are now engaged in a war among themselves. Recently appeared new details of the conflict. Journalists have copies of documents which indicate that the woman began working for De Niro in 2008. She accuses his former boss that he is constantly humiliated, insulted and otherwise discriminated against as a woman. Graham even provided the court audio recordings on which we hear them quarrel.

Роберт Де Ниро судится со своей бывшей помощницей

The victim says that the offensive behavior was daily, she was afraid to quit my job due to certain threats from the well-known actor. Quite often, Robert was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Woman recalls such humiliating moments when De Niro could sit on the toilet to call her on the phone and ask to come into the bathroom to scratch his back. Another Hollywood star was forced Graham to speak to him in the role of “alarm” as the man wanted to Wake up from the touch of man. Also former assistant recalls the moments when her master was making lewd comments about her in front of guests, and allowed his friends to beat her on the buttocks.

Graham Robinson was silent after the dismissal of long time and, most likely, this negative information about the actor, would not have surfaced if Robert first filed for it in court. It happened in August 2019. Celebrity, summed up the financial waste and found out some facts about their former employees. It turns out that the woman in just 4 working days, I managed to watch the whole 55 episodes of the famous American TV series “Friends”. Everything else she had access to the company credit card, in addition to the required goods and services, Graham was booked under my name different delicacies.

Robert De Niro in court requires the recovery of funds from former assistant for embezzlement not related to his personal life, the woman, in turn, refuses to meet the requirements of the actor. According to her suit it is clear that it seeks to punish a celebrity for sexual discrimination and back wages. What the outcome of the trial between the famous producer and a regular housekeeper, soon know.