Robert de Niro requires $ 6 million from a former employee


Company 76-year-old Hollywood actor Robert de Niro, who abused Donald trump live, has filed a lawsuit against a former employee of chase Robinson for the fact that during working hours she watched TV shows, and spending corporate funds. For four days the woman watched two seasons of “Friends” and spent 50 thousand dollars of the company, reports the with reference for Today.

Роберта де Ниро требует 6 миллионов долларов от бывшей сотрудницы

According to the publication Variety, the actor’s company Productions Canal requires compensation in the amount of six million dollars. It is also noted that the woman joined the company in 2008 and has rapidly moved up the career ladder, receiving the position of Vice-President. Over time, chase Robinson became rarely appear in the workplace, and when they came, I watched the series on Netflix.

All, a woman is allowed to enjoy meals at expensive restaurants at the expense of the company.

In the lawsuit, notes that for the entire period of ex-Vice-President, spent about 12 $ 600 in Paola’s restaurant, 8 $ 900 in a network of Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods, in addition to 32 000 $ in a taxi.

Chase itself has called such allegations ridiculous and does not admit his guilt. In turn, Canal Productions requires compensation from it.