Robert Finley at the FEQ: great seduction successful

Robert Finley at the FEQ: great successful seduction


What a flamboyant and endearing character this Robert Finley is. The 68-year-old American bluesman took only a few seconds when he arrived on the stage at the Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale on Sunday evening to successfully achieve his great seduction on Quebec soil.

Not only does his blues rock repertoire produced by the Black Keys Dan Auerbach, and it can often be heard, easily compare with the big names in the genre, but this proud Louisianan is a stunning performer. 

Auerbach was quite right to say that “as soon as he returns somewhere, it's the Robert Finley show”. 

On Sunday, he did the trick to amazed festival-goers. Legally blind, he arrived holding on to his daughter and backing vocalist Christy Johnson then immediately thanked the crowd, a wide smile lighting up his face. 

“I'm in the right place in the right place”, confided this wise old man before launching into a lively interpretation of Sharecropper's Son, one of the many autobiographical pieces from his most recent album of the same name.  

You should then see him squatting all the time, swaying his hips, while rocking his songs in his voice that emanates a lifetime of hard work and, surely, whisky.  

To think that this guy, a former army carpenter and mechanic, was discovered late in life and only released a first album at the age of 62. 

Durant Souled Out On You, he engaged in striking vocal acrobatics. No matter his venerable age, no note was too high for him. 

Grateful, he confessed to living “his dream of youth”, which did not prevent him from sharing the reflectors with his daughter. This one, also endowed with an exceptional voice, won over the crowd with her cover inspired by the classic Tennessee Whiskey. 

The rest of the concert  the speed of lightning, as the pleasure was there. “I love you,” he shouted as he left. No one doubted his sincerity. 

Malika Tirolien: hovering on all levels

“My album is called Higher for several reasons, including this,” said the Montreal artist of Guadeloupe origin Malika Tirolien, programmed before Robert Finley, before leaning under her piano to light up a joint. em>Prayer, a highlight of the performance of the 39-year-old artist. Equally at home in jazz, soul and R&B tones, Malika Tirolien has also shown that she has a convincing and assertive rapping flow, which she uses sparingly, but judiciously, when she has important things to do. to say.

“Do we have any women here tonight? It’s time to make our voices heard,” implored the one who teamed up with four musicians and two singers. 

Note that some of them were on their second performance of this FEQ 2022 since they participated in Charlotte Cardin's concert on the opening night. 

Miro: tribute to Karim 

At supper time, in a relaxed atmosphere in perfect symbiosis with his musical universe, Quebecer Miro pulled all the right strings. 

If it was presumptuous on his part to announce that it might “stir slightly”, we have to admit that his mix of pop, R&B, soul and jazz, to which he added a few rock spices, rallied a participatory audience, who had fun chanting his name.

In addition to playing the majority of the titles of his albums En tard sur ma vie and Hourglass, Miro answered the call to pay tribute to the late Karim Ouellet by offering him a touching cover of his Marie-Jo. 

Il s' is also shown grateful to the spectators. “Thank you very much for coming to see Franco music. It is thanks to you that there will be a great cultural recovery here. »