Robert Pattinson will play Batman in three films

Popular actor Robert Pattison will play Batman in at least three movies. He has already signed a contract to participate in the projects. By the way, the participation of the stars of “Twilight” has been repeatedly confirmed by the official releases.

Роберт Паттинсон сыграет Бэтмена в трех фильмах

According to experts, if solo of Batman is successful, Warner Bros. will consider the option of restarting the “League of justice”. There is information that the producers already pre-choose between Jay Adams and James Gunn on the occasion of the start of filming potential superhero films. If we talk about the new “Batman”, where he will play Pattison, the work is in full swing.

Filming was held in the UK. The whole group works on the site where was created the famous movie of Harry Potter, part two of “Fantastic creatures”, “Batman vs. Superman”, “justice League”, “Wonder woman”. The Director of the new film stands Matt Reeves, who was invited refused, instead of Ben Affleck. It is planned that the film will be released next summer. While the filmmakers have not denied the information that it will be completely independent restart is not related to the comics.

That the main role was approved Pattison, became known in may of this year. Not all the audience reacted positively to this information. Many are just very difficult to switch between Edward Cullen and superheroes.