Rockets will start with the bike: space promises Rogozin has caused hysteria in the network

Ракеты будут запускать с велосипеда: космические обещания Рогозина вызвали истерику в сети

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin announced that the Russian carrier rocket of superheavy class will be about four times cheaper than the American Russian super-heavy rocket will be four times cheaper than the American. The words of the official on one of the Russian forums leads in Twiiter Agency TASS.

“We don’t want to focus on any single flight. It is important to create technology that will allow much cheaper than the Americans, to exploit deep space. Yet, according to our calculations, the Russian super-heavy rocket will be about four times cheaper than the American, which is important for the country,” — said Rogozin.

Readers microblog cheerfully responded to Rogozin’s words — a journalist by profession — whose “revelations” about the space sector has repeatedly provoked laughter in the Network.

Once the news about the Russian space Agency with the word “will”, “bike to run”, “And again uhnet on the place of deployment, the nuclear cloud covering half of Russia…”, “It will be heavier than air?”, “But to start it will be using the trampoline”, “Here I hesitated. what is cheaper”, “I doubted that she ever will”, comment readers.

Some users suggest that Dmitry Rogozin will go in the usual way: by promising and preparing an attractive presentation, “the strike in the Bud” idea.

“The secret is simple: it simply would not fly, and will blow up right before take-off, And will fly? this is the second question. But the layout…”, “the Main thing that the Germans built a suitable tractor to transport her to the red square. And fly she doesn’t have”, “we Have the Tsar cannon which does not fire, is the king of the bell that does not ring, there was a King missile that didn’t fly, is the King of President who … never the President, and will now be over … the money is another Scary rocket that will not fly!”, — commentators write.

Some users remember the head of Roscosmos continues its unfulfilled promises: “the East is already working? Landed on the moon already? No? So that’s all … previously promised a”, “Instead of lunar robots in Russia has created a network of bots prigorovski, telling the world how to lift Russia from knees”, “Just fly her yet nowhere — because Rogozin and his associates ruined the first one starting East, and on the chances and the timing of the launch of the second pad of the cosmodrome is already aggravating anything for a long time did not hear”.

In this part of the users believe that the “key” communication “space” of officials in Russia — the desire to fill their own pocket: “Habitually lied Rogozin and tapped the tightly Packed sawn loot pocket,” “And increased his salary 4 times”, “the Following statement Rogozin will be four times more fantastic than the previous one”.

So no “breakthroughs” and “accomplishments” from “the great space powers” in the near future should not wait.

As previously reported “FACTS”, one user posted a fragment of conversation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “chief astronaut” country, the head of the Russian state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin. The video shows how Rogozin, Putin delivers a colourful album with drawings, paintings, and tells the robot Fyodor, profitability of the space industry, plans to occupy a leading position in the space industry, etc. And his companion trying to understand anything that is said and blankly looks at the presentation.

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