Rolling blackouts promised not to allow

The Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine will not tolerate rolling blackouts after the network has been disconnected atomic block number 3 of the Rivne NPP. Despite the difficult situation in the energy sector, the Ministry has developed a plan of anti-crisis measures.

Веерных отключений пообещали не допустить

About it said acting Minister of energy and environment protection Olga Bukovec the TV channel “inter”, as reported by Ukrainian news.

According to her, the energy industry is experiencing the crisis phenomena in the history of Ukraine, but the situation is under control.

“I want to reassure there will be no rolling blackouts. The government and the Ministry keep the situation under control and will not allow the Ukrainians did not have light,” said Bukovec.

Difficult situation in the energy sector has developed for a number of reasons: not properly prepared by the introduction of a new electricity market in July 2019, opening of import of electricity from Russia and Belarus in the bilateral treaties pandemic coronavirus.

All this has led to the fact that the price of electricity in Ukraine fell significantly and has ceased to cover the cost of production by domestic enterprises. In the warehouses of the mines and thermal power plants began to accumulate coal, in the end I finished with 95% of the coal enterprises.

“Accordingly, it was necessary to take urgent decisions. The first step was to make a real Forecast energy balance that takes into account a significant reduction in consumption and a corresponding decrease in the production of electrical energy in order to provide the opportunity to work across the generation and use including coal,” — said acting Minister.

Based on the new energy developed the plan of anti-recessionary measures which will allow to balance the energy industry.