Roman Polanski denies charges of rape of actress Valentine Monnier

French actress Valentine Monnier accuses Roman Polanski of rape, which occurred in 1975. However, the famous Director refutes the words of the artist, calling them a fabrication.

Роман Полански опровергает обвинения в изнасиловании актрисы Валентины Монье

According to the official claim of Valyantsina Monier, Roman Polanski, during a joint vacation at a ski resort in Switzerland raped the actress, taking advantage of power and position then still a young girl. It happened in 1975. At that time, Valentine Monnier was only 18 years old, and she was afraid to notify police because it was worried about possible physical violence. However, after the release of the film “an officer and a spy,” directed by Roman Polanski, the actress decided to sue him in court. Now, Valentine Monnier no worries about the possible consequences of their actions and wants the perpetrator punished. The Director refutes the allegations and says that his lawyers will be considered the legal implications of such statements. How things really are, at the moment nobody knows.

It is worth noting, Roman Polanski resides in France, since 1977, U.S. law enforcement charged him with statutory rape. However, the country does not extradite its own citizens, so the departure to abroad for the Director is limited because it may be arrested by Interpol.