Ronaldo shared his impressions on the match with Ukraine

Роналду поделился впечатлением о матче с Украиной

Cristiano Ronaldo

On the eve of the Ukrainian team at the home of NSK “Olympic” heroically snatched victory from the reigning Champions of Europe and winners of the first draw of the League of Nations – team Portugal 2:1.

Thus, wards of Andrei Shevchenko secured a first place in the group for Euro 2020.

In turn, the Portuguese progesam in Kiev has complicated to itself a hit in final tournament – now the Iberian team and the team from the Balkans – Serbia separated by only 1 point.

After the match, the captain of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who made another goal, commented on his team’s performance in the match against Ukraine and shared his impressions about his new record.

“Now I’m completely devastated. But still, I am proud of my team even though we lost to a good opponent.

I don’t believe their records. Achieved only with the help of its partners and coaches. For this they are most grateful.

I’m not looking for records, they find me. I work hard to be the best. And I do it,” said Ronaldo in an interview

Recall a goal from a penalty in the match against the national team of Ukraine became the 700th in the career of Ronaldo. So he got into “the 700 club” and is located next to Pele, Romario, Joseph Bicana, Gerd Muller and Ferenc Pushkaram.


450 times Ronaldo scored in the “real” (club record), 118 – for “Manchester United”, 95 for Portugal (national team record, second in the world), has managed to distinguish 32 times for Juventus and 5 – the first club in his professional career sporting.