Rooms more expensive car: the Network has made fun of “posh” for an old car

Номера дороже автомобиля: В Сети высмеяли «мажора» на стареньком авто

Each car is assigned its own unique number. Moreover, for each region of Ukraine it is unique. This also applies to the category of car. But sometimes drivers don’t want a regular room, and “trump”. Such a room can cost more than the car itself.

About it writes “hyser”.

So, in a Network published a photograph in which to quite reasonably priced car that is still dirty and attached expensive room with the inscription “Mercedes”.

Well, in this case, the person is not deceiving, as it really makes the car brand Mercedes model ML 350.

Users have not left this record without comment. Basically, all implying the fact that the high cost, this room can overshadow the price of the car.