Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed a new stylish outfit

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – a true fashion icon, which, apparently, decided to teach the style of girls around the world. All have become so used to seeing unusual outfits on her Instagram page that if a couple of days there do not receive updates, I begin to worry. Glossy magazines, social portals and numerous followers all look forward to outfit young mother. The more that fall is here, which means it’s time to shape the wardrobe of the new season.

Роузи Хантигтон-Уайтли показала новый стильный аутфит

A few hours ago she was finally satisfied fans. Rosie put a stylish outfit, attention to details, and signed it romantic phrases: “Entering in the fall Jimmy Choo”, “Look for me in Central Park”, “Fall accessories”.

Feminine and elegant bow made MIDI skirt the swamp color with a smell and a white top with a high neck sleeveless (by the way, his model wore without underwear). To them, Rosie picked up the mustard-colored boots with square toe and high heel, handbag suede long handle, decorated with the emblem of the already mentioned brand, as well as large sunglasses. Hair model, perfectly coiffed into a voluminous styling, and makeup in Golden tones – the successful completion of the perfect image of a 32-year-old beauty.

Fans Huntington-Whiteley remained in full delight and covered her with compliments and requests to share where she bought the bag and top. Interestingly, the model always indicates to whom the partnership makes a publication. Apparently, many brands have already seen how beneficial things can bring on his page a supermodel. Especially long-lasting cooperation with the Italian premium brand Bottega Veneta. Lately Rosie has used a lot of accessories brand, which in the end become real Insta-trends.