Rosturizm has not approved the resumption of tourist trips to Syria (PHOTOS)

Ростуризм не одобрил возобновления туристических поездок в Сирию (ФОТО)

Rosturizm recommended to tour operators to stop selling tours to Syria, and the Russians to refrain from trips to the country, where eight years of tense fighting. According to “Kommersant”, the sale of organized tours in the Middle East region have started the company “Kilimanjaro” and “the miracle”.

The companies noted that the travel arrangements to Syria resumed this year after a break. According to the FSB border service, for the first three quarters of this year the country was visited by 334 traveler from Russia – three times more than the year before. Visa-free regime between Syria and Russia is now not valid but the visa is done in a simplified procedure at the border when payment of 35 dollars. In fact, Arab Republic can only be reached via tour operators, independent tourists at the entrance of “unfold.”

Tours to Syria is not cheap: one company offers a trip for 8 days for 125 thousand rubles without the cost of flights to Beirut (from there the tourists are taken to Syria by car), the other for the 107,5 thousand rubles together with the tickets. The program is an eight-day tour includes a visit to Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, HOMS, Palmyra. In Idlib province, most of which the control of armed groups of Russian tourists do not carry.

Russian foreign Ministry recommends Russian citizens to visit Syria for any purpose, the degree of the terrorist threat is assessed as high. As a result, the recent ground operation Turkey against Syrian Kurds and the forced deportation of captured terrorists in Europe, according to many, has increased the threat of new terrorist acts on the territory of the EU.

The Federal tourism Agency noted that the possibility of providing consular assistance in Syria, the Russians are severely limited, so visitors must take “all necessary measures to ensure personal safety, exercise extreme caution in their actions and movement on the territory of Syria.”

Regular flights between Russia and Syria resumed in the summer of 2018. The Syrian Ambassador called the country safe for tourists, noting that they can visit the historical monuments and the beaches of Latakia. It was also reported that the Syrian authorities intend to develop religious tourism for Russians. Last October, for the first time in 2013 resumed the work of the Museum in Aleppo, the second most famous in Syria after the Museum of Damascus.

Syria is not the only “unstable” in the direction where trips can be arranged for those who want the thrill of the Russians. Earlier Rosturizm advised to stop selling tours to Iraq, Libya, and Yemen is experiencing a political crisis Bolivia.