Rules achieve longevity

Scientists have proven that those who want to lead an active life after reaching 60-70 years of age, you need to change a lot. Necessary optimism, regular walks, fresh air and healthy food.

Правила достижения долголетия

To achieve longevity, you should include in the diet lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes and cereals. Should eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Dairy products are only allowed fat free. Those who wish to live a long life and maintain clarity of mind, the essential omega-3 fatty acids, as they will protect from Alzheimer’s disease and inhibit the development of atherosclerosis. Two or three times a week should eat mackerel, herring or sardines. Vegetable salads should fill with linseed oil, milled flax seeds to add to cereal. Extremely useful leafy greens. It is recommended to avoid foods supermarket: sausages, sardella, sausages, ketchup, mayonnaise and bread. It is necessary to maintain healthy bones, suitable products with calcium: cheese, milk and yogurt.

Should consume more liquids, including soups, juice and green tea, while “soda” should be excluded, say the doctors. Along with this, life will be extended daily walks and active communication with friends and relatives.

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