Rules of etiquette: when you should and shouldn’t recline your seat back on the plane

Packing your hand Luggage and getting rid of items that you may not skip the security service, you get to his plane. Sitting in a chair, you expect to watch a movie or read a book. And this time the passenger in front of you reclines his chair. Suddenly your cramped seat in the economy class is even less space, and you can’t help but wonder: is there etiquette when folding the seat in the plane? The answers gives a Reader’s Digest.

Правила этикета: когда можно и нельзя откидывать спинку сиденья в самолете

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When and how to fold the seatback

The tilting of the seat back — not too big a problem for first and business class, where there is enough space, but what about people who are booked in economy?

“Airline seats are designed to recline, so is only reasonable that passengers used this function of your space. However, as you recline the backrest, has a value,” says Lisa Orr, consultant in etiquette and Protocol.

There are a few rules that passengers must follow when deciding to fold the seatback of the seat or not.

“First, if you plan to lean back, try to do it shortly after takeoff that the passenger behind you have not received such a surprise in flight, explains Orr. — Secondly, regardless of the time, you should first look to see if the neighbor table in the back with hot drinks or laptops. If there is a subject at high risk, you should inform the person behind that you are going to tilt the chair so he could hold all of that may spill”.

Knowing how long you will be in the air also plays a key role in whether or not you recline the seat back.

“For flying with the effect of red-eye or long-haul flights, where it is assumed that you at least try to sleep, the reclining position is the norm, says Jodi Smith, President of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting. — For flights over short distances, at least continuing two hours, normally leave the seat in the upright position.”

If your flight serves food, there are a few rules that you should follow before, during and after a meal.

“Because people always eat at different times in flight, it can be difficult to coordinate, but usually almost impossible to eat, while you lie, so you should at least partially upright during meals, says Orr. — When the meal ends, if you decide again to lean back, be sure to check back and, if necessary, inform the passenger behind you, and then gently move the chair back.”

Always be polite

What if the person sitting in front of you, pulled the chair too far?

“Politeness is the key, says Diana Guzman, an expert in etiquette, the author of “Modern etiquette for a better life” and founder of the “School reports” in Texas. — To ask a favour of a man sitting in front of you, requires the right tone of voice and a sincere request for help. Avoid the disappointed tone or aggressive behavior. You can always ask for help from the flight attendant.”

There’s a chance that person will say no and reject your request. In the end, the seats of the airplane created with the option of tilting the backrest.

“If you feel that the reclined seat back will be for you a huge problem during the flight, asked. But you have to understand that for man perfectly reasonable to decline your request. Be prepared very graciously accept his withdrawal,” says Orr.

Similarly, if you recline the backrest of his chair, and someone behind you mind, there is probably good reason for this.

“Do not argue, says Guzman. In most cases, you should grant his request. There is a reason why a person asks you to raise the back of your chair, and you had to go back and check the situation before you fold the seatback”.

In the end, we are all passengers on the plane who takes us to the destination.

“These days the planes are cramped, and a little attention can make a big difference, that all was comfortable, says Smith. — Before you Board the plane, I remind myself how much it will be faster than other modes of transport. Think about how to look at the journey in a positive way”.

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