Run if a man makes at least one of these 5 phrases

Бегите, если мужчина произносит хотя бы одну из этих 5 фраз

Of course, actions speak louder than words, but the meaning of some phrases do not underestimate.

Of course, actions speak louder than words, but the meaning of some phrases simply cannot be overstated. If you have recently entered into a relationship or go on dates, be attentive to phrases, that your potential life partner should never use toward you.

“Stop being so dramatic”

If he attaches too much importance to the fact that you are supposedly constantly “inflate” problems on an empty place, think. Anyone who really thinks the world of you need to be more receptive to your needs/feelings and trying to satisfy/solve in any way possible.

Automatic rejection of everything you say or your opinions – that’s the same red flag that portends future problems in the relationship.

“You always/never…”

This provocative words that will pour gasoline on the fire. They carry all the blame on you, saving a partner from liability for aggravation of the conflict. And it not only causes suffering (usually unnecessarily), but not one that makes you reevaluate your behavior or try to see things from his point of view.

In fact, these phrases force you to take a defensive position. Even if this is an exaggeration, it still cannot be used. Point.

“If you loved me, then…”

This phrase is something like blackmail, which can easily turn into manipulation (if it hasn’t happened yet).

Partner should not make you feel guilty, not to mention using love as a weapon. If he has any concerns regarding relations, it is very important that he could just talk about it (and not resort to manipulation).

“You’re the same/totally different from my ex”

Though sometimes we compare our former and current partners, but this is by no means impossible to discuss with your partner. This does not mean that it needs to hide their feelings, but about some things sometimes you should be silent.

Such conversations will not lead to anything good, even if they are harmless. In any case, it would indicate that he’s thinking about his ex. And, therefore, that he has not forgotten about the past.

“Shut up/Shut up”

All we sometimes rashly say too much, but this phrase really rude and humiliating. Any partner who says like a girl, definitely not worthy of it.

This is a clear message that your thoughts don’t matter. A good partner encourages him to open, not closed in itself.