Ruslana Pysanka decided to take a sabbatical

Ruslana Pysanka explained his decision.

Руслана Писанка решила уйти в творческий отпуск

Ukrainian actress of theatre and cinema Ruslana Pysanka stunned his fans. The star decided in 2020 to take a sabbatical, then will return to tour weekdays.

According to 54-year-old Ruslana Pysanka, she needs a break to organize their thoughts and with new forces to return to acting.

“I want to reveal the secret! I want to go a sabbatical in April and may 2020. I understand that a lot of problems, a lot of my expenses. I don’t want to make mistakes, including, and creative. Creativity is when you are free. And when you have many tasks in your head, you can not have all the files in the head is filled. Need to do a reboot of your “computer” and clear all that blocks creativity”, – said Ruslana Pysanka.

In addition, the actress admitted that you will do during your sabbatical. Ruslana Pysanka told reporters that he plans to have a vacation with husband Igor Isakov. A celebrity wants to go to sea and spend several weeks.

I want to go to the ocean, to sit and dream. And nothing to think! Neither on the road nor about the money or the problems. Just meditate,
– admitted Ruslana Pysanka.

As you know, acting career Ruslana Pysanka began in his student years. One of the first roles she received in the film “Some love stories”, which was released in 1994. This film brought the actress international fame and popularity, and the star received the status of a sex symbol of Ukrainian show-business. In addition, Ruslana Pysanka has played in “Moskal-the wizard”, “Fire and sword”, “Apple”, “the Three Musketeers” Matchmakers” and other films. Now more time the actress pays for the theatre together with the actors goes on tour on cities of Ukraine.