Ruslana Pysanka shared a terrible story

Leading Ukrainian Ruslana Pysanka shared with fans of terrible history — and not about the fact that she was attacked by Roma. It turned out that seven years ago, died of cancer the younger brother leading.

Руслана Писанка поделилась страшной историей

On the death of his brother Oleg Ruslana Pysanka is told in the “Life vdoma people.” And although the man died back in 2012, leading it still hurts to talk about it.

I do not advertise it. It was very difficult to talk about it. And now, too. My brother you were to me. Well… the male power, the most strong, which also helped me to feel that I am a happy woman. Unfortunately, it is not. He quickly went to other worlds

said Ruslana Pysanka.

At the time of death Oleg was 45 years old. He died the day after the birthday of the Easter Eggs. About the children of the deceased Oleg now taking care of his older sister.

I just am one of those women who do not have their own children. But I have nephews, are my godparents children. I think I have children that I need to take care of. Even though they are not, but they are also my family. And we are connected with them there, somewhere in the sky

says Ruslana Pysanka.