Ruslana Pysanka told where you went with your beloved on the first date

Actress and presenter Ruslana Pisanka, which recently attacked the Roma, remembered acquaintance with her husband, businessman Igor Isakov.

Руслана Писанка рассказала, куда ходила с любимым на первое свидание

As you know, the couple met online, but not everyone knows that Ruslan chose the original place for a first date, according to the program “Life of famous people”. In addition, the celebrity was late for five hours.

“I forgot. Forgot that meeting. That time. I drove with wet hair. As I drove, it’s like a Hairdryer, I did my own hair. This elegant nymph came to him. The hair is not doustnie. Say “Hi!”. And then it was: “We will go with you to the Sophia of Kyiv”, — said the Easter Egg.

Not in the restaurant, not in movies and not in the theatre and in the Cathedral of the inventive rusya decided to arrange a first date.

“Yet Sofia is an auspicious place. There’s a lot of icons. It is very difficult, if the wrong person will see the change immediately. Here me drawn to Sofia. You see, this check can also be”, — said the artist.

Check Igor was successful. They began Dating in 2009, but their relationship secret. Maybe no one would have known if it were not leaked godfather actress Radmila Shchegoleva, better known as the Gel from the SV show. In 2012, the public learned that Ruslana Pysanka has a husband.

“Oh, this happened with my girlfriend. She was interviewed and she said that Ruslana Pysanka was a wedding. And then said to her: “How was the wedding? Ruslana had the wedding?”. They recognize me together with Igor”, — said Ruslan.

The actress added that he believes that Igor was determined her fate.

“He says it’s caused through the cosmos. That I ordered it. Yes, indeed, I ordered it. I understand that I must be the best man in the world” — said a celebrity.